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The New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) is leading the State of New Mexico’s COVID-19 Vaccination Preparedness Planning in close collaboration with other state agencies, public, private and tribal partners throughout the state.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard
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New Mexico State Data
Cumulative Doses Administered*
Total Primary Doses Administered
Total Booster Doses Administered

Doses Administered in the Last 7 Days
Total Doses Received*
Total Registrants

*Doses administered may occasionally exceed doses received; in some cases, providers have been able to use six doses of Pfizer – not five – from each vial.

Federal Data
Doses received by Veterans Administration, Indian Health Service, and Bureau of Prisons
Doses Administered By County (New Mexico State Data)
Base Layer
County Population
How do I schedule an appointment?

Please register for vaccine at NMDOH will reach out when vaccine is available, and you will be able to schedule an appointment through the website. Please do not show up at provider sites without an appointment.

Step 1:Register at

Create a profile by filling out the registration form. Once the form is complete, you will receive a confirmation code.

Step 2:Complete Your Profile

Use your confirmation code to access your profile and enter your chronic medical conditions, employer information, insurance information, and demographic information.

Next, we ask you to wait for the New Mexico Department of Health to notify you when vaccine is available for you in your community.
Step 3:Schedule your Appointment

Once you receive a notification, enter your special event code and select a location, day, and schedule your COVID-19 vaccine appointment.

Step 4:Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine

On the day of your appointment you will be able to complete the medical questionnaire. Attend the appointment at the location and receive your COVID-19 vaccine.

Vaccine Administered Per Age Group (New Mexico State Data)
Age Group Population Total Percent Partially Vaccinated Percent Fully Vaccinated
16-59 1,166,185
60-74 360,831
75+ years 153,589
Total 306,389 1,680,605 18.2
Percent Partially Or Fully Vaccinated By Age Group (New Mexico State Data)
Vaccine Administered by Race/Ethnicity (New Mexico State Data)
Race/Ethnicity Population Total Percent Partially Vaccinated Percent Fully Vaccinated
American Indian or Alaska Native 145,589
Asian or Pacific Islander 31,147
Black or African-American 36,934
Hispanic or Latino 780,908
White 686,030
Other Race -- * *
Unknown -- * *

*Number of residents; not a percentage

Percent Partially Or Fully Vaccinated By Race/Ethnicity (New Mexico State Data)